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Firefighter working with paramedic at the scene of a traffic accident

Scene of an accident

When an accident has happened, it is good to know what you can do to help. Also remember always to respect barriers and not to stop and photograph or film an accident.

Blue lights on the road

What do you do if you are out driving and see blue lights in your rearview mirror? As a motorist, it is important to be aware of other motorists and your surroundings. If you hear sirens or see blue lights approaching, it is important to act calm and clear, so as not to put yourself or anyone else in danger. Most road traffic accidents happen during rush hour. This is also the time of day when it is most difficult for emergency vehicles to get through.

If you are in the way of an emergency vehicle:

  • Act calm and think about how you can safely leave the road clear.
  • Clearly show what you are doing by indicating, looking and then driving to the side. Do not stop in the middle of the lane.

By acting calmly and clearly, you are helping not only the emergency services, but also other road users, who can follow your example.

Respect barriers

There are several reasons why the scene of an accident may be roped off. The primary reason is to secure the scene of the accident, so no one else is injured or the situation made worse. Barriers also give the emergency workers space to do their job and they create a safe environment for the workers and the accident victims. Another reason is to avoid passers-by seeing anything unpleasant, and to show respect for those involved in the accident and their relatives.

Think before photographing or filming

It is not uncommon for inquisitive passers-by to stop and take photographs or video. Remember to show respect for the accident victims. How would you feel if it was you? By taking photographs or video, you may also get in the way of the emergency services. Instead, see if you can help in some way.

In the case of a road traffic accident, it is not uncommon for someone driving the opposite way to slow down and pick up their camera. One momentary lapse in concentration and we have a new accident to deal with.