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Brandmän jobbar med en trafikolycka

Road traffic accident

If you are the first person at the scene of a road traffic accident, check the situation and call 112.

Park your own car as safely as possible. Make sure you yourself are not at risk of being hit by traffic or blocking the traffic.

  1. Check
    Get an idea of what has happened. Find out how many people are injured and who you think is in greatest need of help. Get help from other people who arrive on the scene. 
  2. Warn
    Protect the scene of the accident and put out warning triangles, use hazard warning lights and so on to make sure nobody drives into the accident.
  3. Alert
    Call SOS Alarm on telephone number 112. Find out more about how to call SOS Alarm
  4. Save
    If an injured person is in lethal danger, for example in the case of a fire – try to move the injured person(s) to a safe place. Otherwise, leave them where they are, keep them still and make sure there airways are unobstructed so they can breathe freely. If there is a risk of fire – see if you can find a fire extinguisher so you can try to extinguish any fire that starts. 

Keep yourself and other road users safe!