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Räddningsdykare i vatten


If you come across someone who is drowning – call 112 and see if there is any rescue equipment you can use to help the person in distress.

When someone is drowning in films, they often wave their arms over their head and shout for help. In reality, drowning accidents look very different.

The person drowning has no spare air to shout, they need all their air to breathe. The drowning person also does not have the energy to lift their arms above their head to wave, the strength in their arms is needed to keep themselves up with their mouth above water.

If you see someone who is drowning

  1. Check - Is there any lifebuoy or other rescue equipment nearby that you can use?
  2. Warn - Call for help and attract attention. Is there anyone nearby who can help you or meet up with the emergency services to show the way?
  3. Alert - Call SOS Alarm on telephone number 112. Find out more about how to call SOS Alarm
  4. Save - Try to reach the person in distress without putting yourself at risk. Always have something to put between you and the person in distress, ‘an arm extension’.

Remember that the best and safest lifesaver is a dry lifesaver.