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Brandbil och varningstriangel med texten "Olycka"


When an accident happens.

What should you do if a fire starts? If you are the first person at a road traffic accident or someone near you has a heart attack?

The best accident is the one that doesn’t happen, and accidents can largely be prevented. But when they do happen, it is important to know what you can do before the Fire and Rescue Service or ambulance reaches the scene. Quick actions can save lives and limit damage, or even avoid it entirely.

There are some general approaches that can be applied to the majority of accidents.

  1. Save – The first and most important thing is for you to save yourself and any other people who are in danger.
  2. Warn – Step two is for you to warn others nearby, so they can also move to safety.
  3. Alert – Once everyone is safe, you can alert the emergency services by calling SOS Alarm on 112.
    Find out more about how to call SOS Alarm
  4. Extinguish – If there is a fire, and once all the above has been done, you can try to extinguish or limit the fire yourself. But you must never put your own safety at risk.