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About us

We are the Fire and Rescue Service for the municipalities of Burlöv, Eslöv, Kävlinge, Lund and Malmö. We work to ensure a safe and secure society and are available to you 24 hours a day, every day. Our job is to prevent accidents and to quickly and effectively perform rescue operations of various kinds. Today, we have around 500 employees working in over 40 different professional areas.

Our vision – an accident-free society!

As far as we are concerned, the best accident is the one that doesn’t happen. The most important thing for everyone, from the individual to society as a whole, is that we have no accidents at all. But when an accident does happen, however, you or someone nearby ought to be able to do something. This requires information and training. At the same time, we must be able to offer professional and fast emergency services when the abilities of the individual are not enough.

Under our vision, the most valuable thing for everyone:

  • is firstly that an accident does not happen,
  • and if an accident does happen, somebody acts immediately,
  • and if that does not help – we come in with the full force of our expertise.

We want a Fire and Rescue Service for everyone!

The Fire and Rescue Service is encountering new challenges as society changes and develops. With integrated diversity and equality as a matter of course, we are better able to create the good relations that are so necessary in preventing accidents and providing an effective Fire and Rescue Service. 

If we are to achieve this, we must increase the proportion of women and colleagues with an other ethnic background then swedish. We also need to have an inclusive culture of ‘active zero tolerance’ concerning harassment and discrimination. Reflecting the society and being an attractive workplace for everyone is a key part of this. Everyone should have the same opportunities for influence, impact and development with us.

Our social dimension

Over the years, we have faced new challenges and new risks. Our work has expanded to include more preventive and outreach activities. In order to deliver service for everyone in the future, in safe and secure environments, we are therefore strengthening our preventive and operational work with the addition of a social dimension.

We want to work closely with the people we are here for, and we want society to feel solidarity with us. We are working to expand our networks and our collaborations with other organisations, in order to spread information more widely. We also want to involve more volunteers and players who are already active in society. If more people are trained, more people can do the right thing when it comes to preventing and handling accidents.


SEK 300 million in funding. We are funded primarily through membership fees from the member municipalities, which generates approximately SEK 256 million. Other revenue comes from fees relating to inspections, the sale of training, management of automatic fire alarms, and payment for certain operations.